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EDITAG offers IoT turnkey solutions, composed of hybrid, modular sensors built on a multi-technology principle so flexible that we can track and trace a bin as much as secure a painting, locate a forklift or monitor climatic conditions in a showcase.


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Les applications IIoT EDITAG Industries : pick-to-light, andon, ekanban, rtls.

EDITAG Industries

EDITAG designs and manufactures a complete, secured solution for the traceability and monitoring of production preparation orders and logistics flows. 

Our expertise extends from hardware to software up to cloud services (core to cloud).
Rooted in a LEAN approach and Edge architecture, our IIoT solution is based on innovative wireless hybrid devices - mOOnTAG - for real-time optimization and localization (RTLS) of industrial flows and resources.

Les applications IoT pour la culture : protection rapprochée des oeuvres, conservation préventive, plan de sauvegarde des biens culturels, inventaire RFID, protection du gardien isolé, comptage des visiteurs, mise à distance électronique, haute joaillerie.


Designer, French manufacturer, EDITAG provides the only IoT solution to connect works of art for identification, traceability and security, whether they are stored, displayed or transported.

EDITAG Arts, formerly known as monalitag®, is a solution for cultural institutions to help to reduce expenses, improve team efficiency and simplify daily operations.  
The EDITAG Arts solution is notably composed of the first IoT sensor specially designed for works of art: the mOOnTAG.

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