"Pludisciplinary skills and a strong industrial culture are the cornerstones of our position as an IoT solutions manufacturer."

At the core of innovative digital solutions, EDITAG is positioned as a major player.
The company offers reliable solutions for specific markets and industries to boost and digitalize operations.

Thanks to connected objects, EDITAG allows its customers to receive real-time information on their operations.

EDITAG designs, develops and deploys disruptive IoT turnkey solutions, combining advanced expertise in the field of industrial Internet of Things to locate, monitor, track, trace and secure critical assets throughout their life cycle.

Its patented, multi-standard and complete technology (from core to cloud) allows customers to supervise high-value objects, industrial flows, manage production, improve inventories and industrial performance, with simple and agile IoT solutions.

Founded in 2007

+ 15 Years of experience, design, technology and markets knowledge.

2 billion

Notre technologie brevetée équipe, protège et suit plus de 2 milliards d'euros d'actifs et d'opérations de nos clients.

International Patents

Holds multiple essential patents.


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