Digital Mobile Andon system

Lean. Connected.

Digitize LEAN tools.
Use IoT to simplify field ANDON alerts.

Find out how to add Andon features into your IIoT solution for an improved reactivity of your operations, prevent bad trends and make your team focused on shared objectives.

- Localize and categorize field alerts.

- Save time to trigger fast corrective actions. 
- Avoid using multiple non integrated systems choosing multi-function hardware devices (wip management, kiyting...) for an intrinsically "lean" digital solution.
- Have a real time visualization of the performance indicator.

EDITAG Industries intègre la fonction Andon dans ses capteurs IIoT.
Digitalisez les alertes LEAN.  Utilisez l'IoT pour simplifier les alertes terrains ANDON.

Digital andon

In Japanese, andon means "the lantern". In industry, it is a signal light that lights up when the operator presses an alert button or pulls on an alarm wire. The andon is also used to signal to the suppliers that it is necessary to accelerate a replenishment.

As part of an order preparation application, the mOOnTAG guides the operator in his order preparation. No more paper production orders, no more computer terminals. The operator relies solely on the light indications of the mOOnTAG and if the alarm bell has to be sounded, the Andon function is integrated ... directly into the mOOnTAG with a simple push of a button!


Real-time hyperlocation

Monitoring and visibility in real time

Automatic capture of business events

Flexibility thanks to wireless

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