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L'IoT dans les musées

11/13/2020 11:27:44 In Blog Arts
Le but d'une solution d'objets connectés est de pouvoir faire remonter des informations automatiquement 24H/24. Cela offre une visibilité sur les processus et permet donc de les améliorer.
Qu'en est-il pour les musées ?

5G : booster d'IoT pour l'industrie du futur

11/13/2020 09:37:57 In Blog Industries
Résolument tournée vers l’avenir et l’innovation, l’industrie compte sur la 5G pour accélérer sa digitalisation et gagner encore en compétitivité.
L'usine du futur doit être rapide et flexible, cela implique que ses moyens de communication doivent l'être également.

The secret of a Pick-To-Light IoT solution?

11/05/2020 09:58:31 In Blog Industries
Flexibility ! To compensate for the shortcomings of existing Pick-To-Light solutions, think wireless! This provides unparalleled flexibility.

Cultural Emergency evacuation plan for works of art

11/05/2020 08:09:47 In Blog Arts
Connaissez-vous la méthode MASO ? Un outil indispensable pour préparer votre Plan de Sauvegarde des Biens Culturels.

Mission of museums

10/28/2020 06:11:21 In Blog Arts
Dans un monde qui change, en pleine pandémie, le musée cherche sa place entre nouvelles technologies, nouveaux visiteurs et de plus en plus de contraintes. Sans oublier les missions traditionnelles du musée : conserver, étudier, transmettre…

RTLS & staff location

10/28/2020 04:32:41 In Blog Industries
During our webinars on solutions for locating goods and industrial equipment, a question came up several times: is it legal for a company to geolocate its staff, even indirectly?

Innovation up to the clips

10/20/2020 02:50:38 In Blog Industries
We have created a new attachment system for our IoT Pick-To-Light sensors. This new system offers an additional level of flexibility in the configuration of the kitting areas.

IIoT and MES: innovation at the service of production.

10/19/2020 11:14:34 In Blog Industries
MES is a real digital tool for continuous improvement.
What are the benefits and advantages of integrating IIoT solutions into MES?
The use of digital systems like MES and IIoT allow you to reconcile your Lean efforts and your digitalization projects.

Archéocapsules: archaeological research meets the public.

10/09/2020 11:16:08 In Blog Arts
Assurer la sécurité des expositions itinérantes.

The “INDUSTRIE DU FUTUR” subsidy and the “FRENCH FAB LOANS” to modernize French factories.

09/28/2020 05:15:07 In Blog Industries
Investir dans les nouvelles technologies grâce à la subvention « industrie du futur » : plusieurs mesures initiées pour aider les industries françaises à optimiser leur productivité et à innover. Booster la filière automobile pour moderniser et relocaliser la production en France.

Electronic distance sensors can be used as a mediation tool.

09/25/2020 10:51:45 In Blog Arts
We have always presented the sensors of the mxD range as electronic distance tools to protect objects, works and access from theft and vandalism.
There is another possible use: using them for mediation and interaction with visitors.

How to accelerate the deployment, configuration and adoption by teams of an IoT solution?

09/21/2020 04:04:59 In Blog Industries
You have chosen an IoT solution in order to digitize the information flows of your production operations. How to guarantee the return on investment? That the new installation will be commissioned on time?

EDITAG Arts participates at the first French Culture Tech Days in Berlin

09/18/2020 10:25:53 In Blog Arts
EDITAG Arts is part of the first French delegation of the French Culture Tech Days program in Berlin, a new international program organized by Bpi France and Business France.

Putting the public back at the heart of the museum, thanks to digital technology?

09/03/2020 05:37:08 In Blog Arts
It is certain that digital technology is a way to be explored in order to continue to present museum collections in similar circumstances where visits are closed ...

Do you know the ROSI? Return on Security Investment.

08/27/2020 05:30:56 In Blog Arts
Although no one doubts the need for a security budget, people still face the difficult task of proving the added value of measures implemented or those about to be implemented.

The industrial IoT solutions offered by EDITAG are integrated all-in-one solutions.

09/07/2020 05:37:02 In Blog Industries
Whether it is our IoT sensors, our Lokeos software controller or the communication protocols used, all the components in our range are designed to allow manufacturers to extend their use of the solution.

Faced with the increase and variety of temporary exhibitions, what solutions for museums to reassure lenders and compensate for the lack of resources?

07/29/2020 09:11:15 In Blog Arts
The challenges for museums are changing day by day: the increase in the number of temporary exhibitions, the ever greater demands of lenders. Today there are digital tools and services to answer this question.