Archéocapsules: archaeological research meets the public.
How to ensure the protection of traveling exhibitions?
9 October, 2020 by
Archéocapsules: archaeological research meets the public.

The lOCIM letter of September / October highlights the mission of Inrap with its traveling exhibition. The article comments on the action under the axis of consistency between the identity of the host institution and the grafted exhibition.

The idea today for traveling exhibitions in general is to offer a more flexible format with content that hosting establishments can adapt to make it their own.

"The new system of traveling exhibitions developed by the National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (Inrap) fits into this trend".

A lot of work has therefore been done to arrive at a definition of a relevant model for both the institution and the public.

Ensure the security of traveling exhibitions.

The realization of an exhibition outside the walls requires precise and detailed specifications, in particular on aspects of distribution tools, assembly / disassembly prerequisites or ease of transport.

What about security?

How to guarantee the safety of the objects and works of art exhibited? Should the security system be part of the exhibition or should it be set up with the resources of the host establishment?

 EDITAG Arts ensures the protection and security of exhibitions outside the walls

Particularly within the framework of exhibitions outside the walls, we have created a complete and nomadic equipment thanks to the transport case, To protect works of art and objects from theft, vandalism and hazardous climatic conditions. 

The P.R.O nomade Kit

Odoo • une photo avec une légende
Composition of the Kit - contact us for english version

To receive the kit information flyer

Composition, operation and price.

Archéocapsules: archaeological research meets the public.
9 October, 2020
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