Cultural Emergency evacuation plan for works of art
The MASO method to your rescue
5 November, 2020 by
Cultural Emergency evacuation plan for works of art

For anyone who has embarked on writing a PSBC (french abreviation for emergency evacuation plan), our German neighbors have a proverb that I find quite appropriate: “Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual! "What one could translate into: "who has the choice, has the torment / pain / torture ...", much more powerful than its French counterpart with "the embarrassment of choice". 

PSBC, How to choose?

Indeed, beyond the technical and logistical measures which are essential pillars of the PSBC, it will always be necessary to choose the order of priority of evacuation: which masterpiece before which other ... 

This need for sorting is also a fundamental of the PSBC, but the priority of evacuating a work does not depend exclusively on its assessment as a masterpiece. There are many more parameters to take into account such as: the difficulty of the evacuation, the availability of competent personnel, the necessary tools ... 

There is a tool developed by Lieutenant-Colonel PRUNET and his team at the Directorate General of Heritage, already in 2012, but which is still relevant today. This is the reference document of ENSOP (National School of Fire-Fighting Officers) explaining the MASO method: "Method of Analysis for the Safeguarding of Works". 

It takes the form of a simple table that makes it fairly easy to set up factual criteria to create evacuation priorities. 

 EDITAG shares good practices of the MASO method for the PSBC

MASO Method

 Example of use of the MASO method table for the PSBC

To get your own MASO method file

Cultural Emergency evacuation plan for works of art
5 November, 2020
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