The advantages of P.R.O web supervision
Information on Electronic Protection of Works of art safely accessible
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The advantages of P.R.O web supervision

EDITAG ARTS is an IoT solution that monitors security, preventive conservation conditions, inventories of your permanent and temporary exhibitions and your reserves.

As a reminder, EDITAG Arts is a complete solution made up of IoT sensors, a radio infrastructure and a supervision system to collect information from the sensors. In case of an attempted theft or exceeded temperature / humidity thresholds, the mOOnTAG IoT sensor, specially designed for works of art, sends a real-time alert to the supervision system.

All of these data acquisitions are valuable for operators as diverse as security guards, supervisory staff, management and conservation teams… on site but also remotely.
Especially since for more than a year now, "remote" access is even more important now with the rules for teleworking.

Goal: Make this data accessible to multiple users, who use different hardware and are located in different places.

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The difference between server application and client application

The architecture of supervision systems like EDITAG Arts is client-server type.

  • The server application (in this case EDITAG ARTS Server or mBOX PRO) is in charge of collecting the data and making it available to users.

  • The client application is the application that allows the user to query the server and view the desired information.

The difference between thick client and thin client application.

As we have seen, the client application therefore queries the server application to have access to the data collected by the sensors placed on the works. There are two types of client application: heavy and light. What is the difference ?

  • Heavy clients are applications that require the installation of specific, proprietary software on the client workstation, and therefore the computer used. Only through this is it possible to query the server.

  • Thin clients do not require the installation of specific software on a computer. The server is a web type server, so all you need is an internet browser to connect to the application in complete safety.

Thick Client😩

  • Requires an installation procedure on each computer used:

    • A potentially unauthorized software installation operation for the end user. 

    • A software version adapted to the workstation used, to the operating system, therefore an infinite number of software versions to provide and maintain.

  • Complicated maintenance because there are many configurations multiply the number of updates.

  • Backup procedures are to be planned on all workstations. 

  • Unable to access the data even in an emergency from an unmarked computer station.

  • The protocols used between client and server can be proprietary and be rejected by firewall type protections.

  • Not very suitable for roaming.

  • One user = one license, so there are often license and maintenance costs per deployed workstation.

  • Can integrate advanced proprietary security mechanisms.

Thin Client😃

  • No installation required or a very limited plug-in installation is sufficient to access the data.

  • A simple internet browser is enough.

  • Accessible from any terminal with a web browser.

  • Accessible from anywhere.

  • Allows BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies

  • Simplified maintenance: only the server needs to be updated.

  • No license fees or additional maintenance for client workstations.

  • Centralized and only necessary backup on the server.

  • Easy integration into the establishment's IT rules.

EDITAG Arts, the choice of an IoT monitoring solution in thin client.

The services offered by the EDITAG Arts solution are not aimed at just one type of user. Security officers are concerned, but also management, exhibition managers, collection managers, the conservation team, managers of reserves, conveyors during transport, etc. 

These users are often on differentiated computer networks, in different places, different consultation terminals (PC, MAC, tablet, smartphone, etc.), some of which have mobility needs (business travel, transport of work, teleworking, etc.) but all need to access, with different purposes and therefore different user rights, the data collected.

Only a thin client solution allows such ease and flexibility in ensuring secure access.

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The advantages of P.R.O web supervision
29 April, 2021
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