Preventive Conservation

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IoT technologies to fight against dangerous climatic conditions.

The protection of works of art necessarily involves measures to fight theft and vandalism.

But  the objects are unfortunately also confronted with other dangers caused by variable climatic conditions. Hygrometry is the most important data to master when you want to ensure the conservation of works. For temperature, these are the most dangerous variations.

EDITAG ARTS is offering IoT sensors to help you set up preventive conservation actions.

You monitor changes in temperature and relative humidity in real time, whether the works are stored in reserve, exhibited, transported or loaned.

L'application EDITAG Arts pour la conservation préventive permet de superviser les conditions climatiques au plus près des oeuvres d'art.

IoT technologies at the service of work safety:

Reassure lenders and insurances: we have created a full range of sensors and applications to protect works of art and alert in the event of climatic hazards.
mOOnTAG: first IoT sensor designed for works of art with temperature and relative humidity sensors.

mOOnTAG, premier capteur IoT pour le suivi des variations de température et d'humidité.                          

Contactless identification

Identifiies contactless works of art using RFID.

24 hours Security

Secures works of art with motion sensors.


Supervises the transport and loan conditions.


Preserves collections with temperature and humidity sensors.


Resistant to 3 years of battery depending on use.

How to supervise my conservation conditions sensors ?

Application mobile pour le suivi de la température et d'humidité relative pour les oeuvres d'art.

The mobile app

The tags records the climatic conditions. The reader interrogates the information from the mOOnTAG and sends the information to the mobile application.

Supervision intégrée du suivi des conditions climatiques des oeuvres d'art.

Integrated supervision

The alarms can also be sent in real time to the EDITAG Arts Supervisor.

The plus : 
Connected showcases and transport and loan conditions monitoring.
Vitrine connectée EDITAG Arts

Connected showcase

Our sensors include RFID technology. This technology allows information from the sensors to be read across most materials. No need to open a showcase to know the climatic conditions. The showcase becomes connected, either it sends its information in real time, or it can be interrogated without opening!

Suivi des conditions de transports et de prêts - chocs, température, humidité - des oeuvre d'art.

Transport and loan monitoring

When the work of art is outside the walls, whether it is transport or a loan period, the mOOnTAG travels with it. The sensor is then in fly mode, it no longer sends alerts but records shocks, movements, variations in temperature and relative humidity. It becomes the black box of the work of art when it is transported!

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