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Webinars and online demos

Coming soon: Architectures of IoT solutions for the security of works of art

Comment intégrer votre système de Protection Rapprochée des Oeuvres - PRO ?

Solutions autonomes, installation multi-salles, multi-capteurs, interface avec la vidéosurveillance....

Au cours de ce webinaire, nous passons en revue les différentes architectures d'installation de P.R.O pour identifier celle qui vous conviendra le mieux.

Coming soon: Preventive conservation



Webinars and online demos

10 Décembre - 11h : Pick-To-Light : le poste de travail digitalisé dans l'industrie.

Découvrez comment fonctionne un système IoT Pick-To-Light d'aide au kitting et à la préparation de commandes sans fil, sans contact. 

Coming soon : E-Kanban, IoT for replenishment orders

Find out how the IoT supports your digitalization efforts even in the missions of field operators.

Coming soon: IIoT & MES: innovation at the service of production.


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Electronical proximity detection

During this webinar, discover our electronic remote IoT sensors, how they work and the different ways to integrate them into the scenography.

Connected display case

Identification by Radio Frequency - RFID - allows information from sensors to be sent and read through most materials. No need to open a window to find out about the weather conditions or protect it against theft. The showcase is connected!

Sécurité des oeuvres et ROSI

Responsables sécurité : obtenez plus facilement vos budgets d'investissement grâce au ROSI.

Almost any security, loss prevention, crisis or risk prevention manager knows the challenge of determining ROI - Return on Investment - when it comes to convincing management.

Comment justifier et obtenir les budgets d’investissement nécessaires ?Connaissez-vous le ROSI ?


Eliminate production orders and paper tracking sheets.

Find out how the IoT supports your digitalization efforts even in the missions of field operators.

Supervision and localization of material flows with hybrid RTLS.

You hear a lot about the benefits of RTLS - Real-Time Location System - for optimizing your industrial processes.

What if the key was hybrid RTLS? EDITAG tells you more during this webinar.

Pick-To-Light IoT

Find out how a wireless and contactless IoT Pick-To-Light system for kitting and order preparation works.

Les alertes Andon intégrées dans votre solution de kitting

Digitize LEAN alerts.

Use IoT to simplify ANDON field alerts. Find out how to integrate Andon functions into your IIoT solution for greater responsiveness of your operations, avoid drifts and focus teams around common objectives.



A unique event for those involved in innovation.

Discover new technological innovations.

A complete program: targeted meetings and start-up challenges.

Relevant contacts for technological development opportunities.

EDITAG fait partie de la première délégation des French Culture Tech Days