High Jewelry 

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High Jewelry - High electronic security.

With its experience in the arts and securing very high value objects, EDITAG Arts provides professional and targeted responses to security issues in fine jewelry.

The target is to facilitate specific missions such as carrying out a daily inventory, the precise location of objects, the inventory of fixed or mobile storing systems, the inventory of safes, securing showcases…

Découvrez notre système de marmotte connectée.

Connected Storing systems & inventories :

EDITAG Arts has developed an exclusive inventory solution for the specific storing systems used in fine jewelry : in one click the storage is inventoried and the missing objects are identified. The solution also allows you to locate the location of the object you are looking for. 

Système d'inventaire permanent pour les objets de valeur.                          

Safe, vaults & insurance:

With the EDITAG Arts solution, be sure that your secure storage does not exceed the maximum value for which it is insured.
Automatic inventory allows you to quickly count the contents of a safe.

A reliable inventory:

While most contactless inventory solutions just read electronic labels, the EDITAG Arts solution goes further and identifies objects remotely, without contact. An alarm is triggered when the labels are detached from objects. So you are sure that you inventory the objects and not just labels.

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