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IoT technologies for the identification, traceability and inventory of works of art.

Whether as part of a collections assessment or to carry out their daily missions, cultural establishments teams must maintain an up-to-date repository of works.

Unfortunately, very often, the tools in place do not guarantee up-to-date information or automatic reporting of modifications and movements of the works.

Thus, the teams can find themselves looking for a long time in storage for an object that has been loaned for 6 months to a nearby museum!

EDITAG Arts offers innovative solutions to identify cultural goods, trace their movements and provides teams with efficient tools to save time

EDITAG ARTS solution d'inventaire RFID pour les musées et les oeuvres d'art.

The RFID technology at the service of inventory of works of art in storage.

We have created an all-in-one solution to meet all of the needs of a cultural establishment ins storages, for exhibitions, during transport and loans. Discover the first all-in-one IoT sensor, specially designed for works of art: the mOOnTAG.

mOOnTAG, premier capteur IoT pour identifier et inventorier les oeuvres d'art                          

Contactless identification

Identifies contactless works of art using RFID.

24 x 7 Security

Secures works with motion sensors.


Supervises the transport and loan conditions.


Preserves collections with temperature and humidity sensors.


Resistant to 3 years of battery depending on use.

The inventory should make possible to collect as much information as possible:
- description of the object (the characteristics of the object, the usual designation of the object, state of the work);
- conditions report
- material and technics;
- dimensions; weight;
- the author;
- time (date of manufacture of the work);
- provenance (country, province, department, municipality)
- references of the object;
- location of the property (e.g. deposit)
- inventory number
- overview photo and detailed views if necessary
- observations...

Information fields that may already be present in collection management software (CMS). EDITAG Arts interfaces with this software. Thus, no redundancy, the information from the inventory with EDITAG Arts goes back to the collection management software.

For inventory  and collection assesments, some cultural establishments use paper means, others spreadsheet software, CMS application, few have digital barcode systems.

The common points of these establishments are in particular the time required for training and use and of course the lack of budget to introduce more innovative tools.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology identifies works of art whether they are displayed or stored in reserves.

Inventorier les oeuvres stockées en réserves en quelques minutes.

It compensates for all the constraints of barcode systems (reduced number of information stored, no update possible on this information, reading in sight of view) and represents a real asset for proofing missions.

The advantage of RFID also relies on the use of international norms and standards. Thus the equipment purchased (readers, terminals, etc.) can be shared and compatible from one establishment to another (practical for monitoring loan movements!)

Feedback from experience  - Collections Assesment

Made with EDITAG Arts

Ensure the transfer of collections.

List interventions.

Condition reports, for the most urgent restoration operations.

Have a complete and accurate inventory,

and up-to-date for the traceability of each object in the collections.

Collection assesment result:


Solution Advantages

Easy to learn and use.

Centralized and backuped information server.

Fast and efficient.

39 350 inventoried 

In 3 months

On Budget

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