EDITAG Arts Services

Beyond providing IoT solutions for culture and luxury markets, EDITAG Arts also offers a wide range of services to answer its customers and users problems. 

Support and maintenance services 

Contrat annuel de support hotline EDITAG Arts

Hotline annual contract

The comfort and security of unlimited telephone access to our technical support team for all types of questions during normal office hours and up (optional) to 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Includes an on-site preventive maintenance visit.

Service de télémaintenance EDITAG Arts

Monthly tele-inspection

Our teams carry out a complete remote check of your installation and submit a complete preventive and corrective maintenance report to you.

Extension de garantie sur le matériel EDITAG Arts

Extended Warranty

Benefit from an extended warranty beyond the contractual material warranty and up to 36 months.

Maintenance des applications logicielles EDITAG Arts

Annual software maintenance

Get access to all new software versions and new functions developed by EDITAG as they become available.

Financing solutions 

Service de location courte durée EDITAG Arts

Short term rental

Ideal for one-off events such as your temporary exhibitions, have all EDITAG Arts solutions installed easily. 

Service de location longue durée EDITAG Arts

Financing solution

Long-term rental and scalable rental from 13 to 48 months, finance easily your investment in our solutions.

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