Download the White Paper: IoT and museums

To find out how the IoT responds to new issues in cultural establishments.

The key points of the white paper:
IoT: a real operational solution for cultural establishments.


Internet of Things: definitions and principles.

- IoT in a few words
- Connected objects
- Some examples

The new societal position of museums.

- The economic role of museums
- What definition of the museum
- Growing constraints
- The importance of temporary exhibitions

The digital (r)evolution of the museum: ideas and solutions

- The new museum visit
- Temporary exhibitions
- Operational excellence
- New “as-a-service” models

Protecting temporary exhibitions: ideas and solutions

- The increase in the cost of temporary exhibitions
- Obtain the trust of lenders
- The weakest link

Discover our IoT applications for Arts

Solution de Protection Rapprochée des Oeuvres EDITAG ARTS

Electronic Protection of works of art

Plan de Sauvegarde des Biens Culturels numérique EDITAG ARTS.

Works of art emergency evacuation plan

Dispositif de protection du gardien isolé EDITAG ARTS

Lonesome agent protection

Solution de conservation préventive EDITAG ARTS

Conservation conditions monitoring

Détecteurs de mise à distance électronique EDITAG Arts.

Electronic approach detection

Solutions IoT d'inventaires RFID et de traçabilité pour les oeuvres d'art EDITAg Arts.

RFID Inventory