Formerly monalitag®

 Arts. Connected.

Designer, French manufacturer, EDITAG provides the only IoT solution to connect works of art for identification, traceability and security, whether they are stored, displayed or transported.

EDITAG Arts, formerly known as monalitag®, is a solution for cultural institutions to help to reduce expenses, improve team efficiency and simplify daily operations. 

The EDITAG Arts solution is notably composed of the first IoT sensor specially designed for works of art: the mOOnTAG.

It provides :

- RFID inventory.
- Supervision of storage conditions.
- 24Hx7 security.
- Monitoring of transport and loans.
- Real-time management of the works of art emergency evacuation plan.

A unique investment in a simple product for multiple uses. 

All-in-one IoT solution 

Reduce expenses

Improve team efficiency

Simplfiy daily operations

IoT at the service of works of art and museum professionals.

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Discover our IoT applications for Culture: 

Le détecteur m3D PC offre un comptage précis à 99%

Counting visitors

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the reopening of establishments open to the public such as museums, foundations, cultural institutions, historic monuments, will be subject to new constraints. For a certain period the limitation of the number of visitors to establishments will probably be implemented.

m3D PC sensor offers 99% accurate counting.

Solution de Protection Rapprochée des Oeuvres EDITAG ARTS

Works of art protection 

It allows works of art to be secured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Discover the full range of IoT sensors, with the standalone version mBUZZER, the version for mOOnTAG-V showcases and the version that also monitors climatic variations.

Plan de Sauvegarde des Biens Culturels numérique EDITAG ARTS.

Works of art emergency evacuation plan

Discover the EDITAG Arts innovation for the works of art emergency evacuation plan. This innovation offers the preparation, simulation and verification tools, a crisis management dashboard and real-time visibility of operations.

Dispositif de protection du gardien isolé EDITAG ARTS

Lonesome agent protection

Protect and assist your agent with the mOOnTAG SOS, the first personal assitance tool designed for cultural institutions agent security.

Solution de conservation préventive EDITAG ARTS

Conservation conditions monitoring

Whether the work of art is in storage, on display, in a showcase, or transported, you can consult the preventive conservation condition information. Be alerted if the temperature and relative humidity thresholds are exceeded.

Détecteurs de mise à distance électronique EDITAG Arts.

Electronic approach detector

Mobile objects, monumental works, several works to protect at the same time, adapt to the scenography... So many issues that our range of electronic distance detectors can answer!

Solutions IoT d'inventaires RFID et de traçabilité pour les oeuvres d'art EDITAg Arts.

RFID inventory 

Inventory, collection status report...RFID technology saves considerable time and automates informationtransfer in collection management software.

For more details and examples of IoT applications in culture

Ask for our references book!

Book de références EDITAG Arts
Examples of application on site and detailed explanations on the first range of IoT solutions for culture.
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