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 Lean. Connected.

EDITAG designs and manufactures a complete, secured solution for monitoring and traceability of order preparation processes and logistics / production flows.

Our expertise spans from hardware to software to cloud services (core to cloud).
 Anchored in a LEAN approach and edge architecture, our IIoT solution is based on innovative wireless hybrid devices for the real-time optimization and localization (RTLS) of industrial flows.

The state-of-the-art wireless technology offered by EDITAG ensures maximum reliability for critical business applications. It is already implemented in factories / production centers (automotive, aeronautics, railways, luxury ...) at the international level.

Improve your industrial performances with simple and agile IIoT solutions

Complete and modular IIoT Solutions


Make your assets and processes smart and comunicating to collect operationnal events, data, trigger actions and locate.
Our sensors and communicating systems provide real-time visibility of your activities.


Transmit the events from the sensors, translate the data into transaction and spread them to existing business software (MES, ERP, WMS, IoT Platform...)


Automatic data collection from the field information allows industrial performance to be monitored in real time.

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mOOnTAG : 
Digitalize your operational gestures with the first hybrid and modular sensor.                 

mOOnTAG : premier capteur IIoT hybride, mutli-technologies pour digitaliser les gestes métiers.

Beyond our standard product range portfolio, our manufacturer positionning provides us the ability to design and offer custom sensors adapted to your specific use case.

Remove erros and manual data entry.

IoT sensors on-demand.

Flexible flash deployment.

Flows visibility in real-time.

All-in-one evolutive solution preventing to deploy heterogeneous multi-vendor solutions, and offering an optimized TCO, a seamless integration for a fast ROI.
Discover our IIoT applications:
EDITAG Industries : solution IIoT de pick-to-light, kitting et préparation de commandes.


Wireless and contactless IoT solution. Improve efficiency and robustness of your kitting, order preparation and dispatching processes in a Just-In-Time et Just-In-Sequence spirit.
Objectifs :

EDITAG Industries : solution IIoT pour le suivi et la localisation des ressources industrielles.

Tracking and localization

Locate manufacturing assets in real time, improve productivity.

Discover the wireless IoT solution for identification, real-time monitoring and indoor/outdoor hyperlocalization of work-in-process and industrial assets.

Les mOOnTAG intègrent la fonction andon pour une solution IIoT lean.

Digital Andon

Digitize LEAN tools. 
Use IoT to simplify field ANDON alerts.
Find out how to add Andon features into your IIoT solution for an improved reactivity of your operations, prevent bad trends and make your team focused on shared objectives.

EDITAG Industries : solution IIoT pour automatiser les réapprovisionnements en bord de ligne.


Digitize and optimize the line-side replenishment process : milk-run.

Discover the IIoT Lean solution to supervise in real time the complete line stock replenishments process (milk-run), based on the principle of pulled flow (consumption drives supply).

mOOnTAG View : formule lean pour encadrer votre projet industrie 4.0.

mOOnTAG View

You want to explore or strengthen the digitization of your operations from an Industry 4.0 perspective?
You have a targeted problem but no formal specifications and/or you wonder which approach / technology would be the most suitable?

For more information about IIoT EDITAG Industries applications, contact-us! 

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