Lean. Connected.

Digitize and optimize the line-side replenishment process : milk-run.

Discover the IIoT Lean solution to supervise in real time the complete line stock replenishments process (milk-run), based on the principle of pulled flow (consumption drives supply).


- Simplify or even automate line operator replenishment requests according to actual consumption (e-kanban principle).
- Optimizing collection and distribution rounds (milk-run).
- Reduce line edge stocks.
- Provide a real-time view of replenishment process.
- Go paperless.

EDITAG industries pour améliorer la rapidité des réapprovisionnements en bord de ligne.
Digitaliser et optimiser le processus de réapprovisionnement bord de ligne : milk-run avec EDITAG Industries.

Choose an IIoT solution that is quick to deploy and easy to maintain.

Our all-in-one evolutive solution prevents to deploy heterogeneous multi-vendor solutions, and offers an optimized TCO, a seamless integration for a fast ROI.

EDITAG Industries offer is composed of several hardware and software modular building blocks providing a multi use-case usage.

Collect & Localize

The IoT mOOnTAG sensors make your equipment and processes intelligent and communicating.

mOOnTAG : capteurs IoT de la solution EDITAG Industries.

With an autonomy of several years, our mOOnTAG dedicated to monitoring industrial flows and resources have several localization functions whose precision varies according to needs (from a few centimeters to a few meters) and configurable displays, eliminating thus the need for label and follower sheets.
Installed on trolley, tugs, forklifts, bins and racks/shelves, the patented mOOnTAG hybrid technology (passive RFID / IoT) allows you to respond to your use cases in a completely new way.

Share & Communicate

mOOnTAG exchange events and field operation related data in real-time thanks to long range radio frequency transmission.

Balise radio longue portée EDITAG Industries.

They can operate on a proprietary and private/public network. Necessary infrastructure to deploy is therefore minimum. 

Monitor & Improve

mOOnTAG data are transmitted to existing application and automatically translated into business transactions. Automated field information collection gives you the ability of truly monitor precisely, in real-time your industrial performances. 

Le logiciel contrôleur EDITAG Industries s'interface avec les systèmes existants.

Our software controller LOKEOS adapts to your environment and production process and has powerful modular functions for supervision, visualization and interfaces with software (MES, ERP, WMS, IoT platform ...), third-party systems (AGV / AGC, RFID readers ...), but also information synchronization with mobile applications used by field staff (cart driver, preparer for example). 

The solution thus allows autonomous or fully integrated operation.


Process simplification
lean spirit.

Real-time monitoring and tracking.

Visual assistance to guide operators.

Replenishment cycle time réduction.

Field workforce productivity improvement.

Wireless solution = flexibility.


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