Lean. Connected.

Digitize and optimize the line-side replenishment process : milk-run.

Discover the IIoT Lean solution to supervise in real time the complete line stock replenishments process (milk-run), based on the principle of pulled flow (consumption drives supply).


- Simplify or even automate line operator replenishment requests according to actual consumption (e-kanban principle).
- Optimizing collection and distribution rounds (milk-run).
- Reduce line edge stocks.
- Provide a real-time view of replenishment process.
- Go paperless.

EDITAG industries pour améliorer la rapidité des réapprovisionnements en bord de ligne.
Digitaliser et optimiser le processus de réapprovisionnement bord de ligne : milk-run avec EDITAG Industries.

Choose an IIoT solution that is quick to deploy and easy to maintain.

Our all-in-one evolutive solution prevents to deploy heterogeneous multi-vendor solutions, and offers an optimized TCO, a seamless integration for a fast ROI.


Simplified process

Real-time supervision and visibility

Wireless, flexible

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Lean. Connected.

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