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Fighting against theft & vandalism thanks to proximity detection.

To protect a work of art, it is sometimes necessary to set up a distance. Whether it is too fragile, too mobile, too precious, visitors must understand that it should not be approached.
Sometimes, in establishments such as castles or historical monuments, it is also necessary to block access to certain areas.

Unfortunately, physical distance such as cords and posts do not meet all needs: unsightly, they do not spread an alert when a person nevertheless approaches the forbidden area.

To answer these problems, we offer a range of detectors for electronic approach detection.

Découvrez les capteurs IoT de mise à distance électronique EDITAG ARTS

By the way, what is an approach detection?

How it works?

EDITAG Arts is made up of IoT sensors designed to create a distance between visitors and the worksof art to be protected. These sensors can simply ring locally when the protection perimeter is crossed, they can also send an alert in parallel to a supervision system.

To help you strengthen security, especially at temporary exhibitions, electronic distance sensors are available for rental.

Discover the principle of operation of electronic distance sensors. Autonomous or supervised operation as needed.

A varied range of detectors to adapt to each scenography

EDITAG Arts provides you a complete range of sensors which adapt as much as possible to the scenography and the type of object or area to be protected.  Discover the first IoT sensors for electronic approach detection.


Mark the protection to the nearest centimeter in front of or around your works of art.

Autonomous or integrated

These detectors can operate autonomously and simply ring in the event of an alert and / or propagate the alert to EDITAG Arts supervision.


Once trained in the configuration of the detector, you adapt the protection to the scenography, increase the protection of the works loaned in temporary exhibition…

m1D détecteur à l'approche pour les objets métalliques.


The m1D detector is dedicated to the protection of metallic objects.

For optimal approach detection, it must be installed under the object to be protected. Totally invisible, it allows visitors to see the work up close while ensuring high level security.

m2D détecteur rideau intelligent pour protéger les oeuvres d'art.


The m2D is a smart curtain for the protection of works and areas.

It is particularly well suited to the protection of large format or monumental works, tapestries, the protection of areas / rooms by detecting crossings.

m3D détecteur pour protéger les biens culturels en 3 dimensions.


For the protection of works on 360 °.

The m3D detector is designed for the protection of 3-dimensional objects, typically exposed in the center of the rooms to allow visitors to admire them from all sides while ensuring high level anti-theft, anti-vandal security.

m4D, détecteur pour former des rideaux de protections courbes ou linéaires devant les oeuvres d'art.


Latest innovation in the EDITAG Arts range, the m4D detector can provide linear protection as well as curved protection!

You can also define several protection zones with different degrees of alert!

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