mOOnTAG View

Lean. Connected.

You want to explore or strengthen the digitization of your operations from an Industry 4.0 perspective?

You have a targeted problem but no formal specifications and/or you wonder which approach / technology would be the most suitable?


- Formalize needs.
- Identify opportunities for improvement / digitalization.
- Compare and size the possible approaches.
- Facilitate and accelerate the deployment of an IIoT solution and the adoption by the teams.
- Reconcile LEAN with digital.

La mOOnTAG view pour vous aider à préparer votre projet IoT - industrie 4.0
Vous souhaitez explorer ou renforcer la digitalisation de vos opérations dans une optique Industrie 4.0 ? Contactez-nous !

Our simple and agile IIoT offer

Before choosing a solution or a technology (or choosing to do nothing!), go to the mOOnTAG View box. The multi-standard and multi-technological approach of the EDITAG offer guarantees total neutrality.
Our knowledge and experience of Lean, industrial organization and processes guarantees added value.

The mOOnTAG View is a very simple and totally innovative packaged approach, specially designed to help you understand the digital solution most suited to your specific case and in a LEAN approach, in an agnostic way and without any technological bias.


An on-site process, adapted to your case.

A guaranteed and reusable deliverable.

Supported decision-making.

Let's make a first checkpoint

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Discover the IIoT EDITAG Industries applications

Lean. Connected.

Tracking and localization of industrial resources

The solution for real-time monitoring and indoor/outdoor hyperlocalization of in-process and assets.


In real time, the "milk-man" knows which workstations need to be resupplied.


Digitize andon alarm clearing.

Kitting and Pick-To-Light

The solution for picking and distribution processes.