Kitting, Pick-To-Light, Put-To-Light

Gain 30% productivity on your dispatching processes.

Improve efficiency and robustness of your kitting, order preparation and dispatching processes in a "Just-In-Time" et "Just-In-Sequence" spirit.

Découvrez le système de Pick-To-Light sans fil pour les processus de full-kitting de production, préparation de commande et de répartition des colis.


- Help operators and field workers in working more efficiently and reduce errors.
- Bring more agility reducing setup and  reconfiguration of your kitting and order preparation zones.
- Improve productivity and reliability.
- Provide material flow realtime visibility.
- Remove paper based picking list, part location and kitting trolley labels.

<b>Discover the all-in-one wireless Pick-To-Light global solution dedicated to manufacturing full-kitting, order preparation and parcel dispatch.</b><br/>

Choose an IIoT solution that is quick to deploy and easy to maintain.

Our all-in-one evolutive solution prevents to deploy heterogeneous multi-vendor solutions, and offers an optimized TCO, a seamless integration for a fast ROI.

No cabling is necessary: kitting zone deployement and configuration efforts are divided by ten at a minimum  and your teams are autonomous for any configuration tasks.

EDITAG Industries offer is composed of several hardware and software modular building blocks providing a multi use-case usage.

Collect & Localize

mOOnTAG IoT sensor product range make your assets and processes communicating and smarter.

mOOnTAG, premier capteur IIoT hybride et modulaire multi-technologies.

With up to several years of battery life, our mOOnTAG dedicated to kitting apps have among other configurable display and manual/automated part picking acknowledgement features. 

Our location anchors provide indoor real-time location of your ressources (order preparation carts typically).

Share & Communicate

 mOOnTAG exchange kitting mission related data in real-time thanks to long range radio frequency transmission. Necessary infrastructure to deploy is therefore minimum.

Technologies radios longue portée EDITAG Industries.

Monitor & Improve

Automated field information collection gives you the ability of truly monitor precisely, in real-time your industrial performances. 

Contrôleur logiciel EDITAG Industries s'interface avec les systèmes existants.

Our software edge controller LOKEOS is configurable to fit your kitting process and has powerfull monitoring and visualisation features.
It offers interfaces toward existing applications (MES, ERP, WMS, IoT Platforms) and 3rd party devices (AGV/AGC, RFID readers...).
The solution thus allows autonomous or fully integrated operation.


Visual assistance to field workers: productivity and quality improvements (picking/dispatch error réduction).

Real-time monitoring and visibility

Automated part picking/dispatch capture

Wireless technology = max agility thanks to a seamless and fast deployement/setup, supressing wiring cost of traditionnal wired solutions.


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The solution for real-time monitoring and indoor/outdoor hyperlocalization of in-process and assets.


In real time, the "milk-man" knows which workstations need to be resupplied.


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Take the first step to 4.0 industry.