Protection of the lonesome agent

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Preserve museum staff with better supervision.

The work of the agents is essential in a museum. Responsible for overseeing collections and people, they must be able to broadcast real alerts and ask for help if necessary.

To meet these needs, we created the mOOnTAG SOS.

Système de Protection du Gardien isolé EDITAG Arts

Increase the museum's security level thanks to the mOOnTAG SOS innovation.

(Re) Discover the first lonesome  agent device designed for professionals in cultural institutions: the mOOnTAG SOS.

Very simple operation thanks to two buttons: one to acknowledge managed alerts, the other to call for help.

The mOOnTAG SOS is fully integrated in EDITAG Arts solutions. 

mOOnTAG SOS dispositif d'aide au gardien isolé dans les musées.

Make your teams more efficient!

Our detectors are available for rent!  For any question of feasibility, price, do not hesitate, contact us


Référence Client EDITAG Arts : Musée Kumu
Référence Client EDITAG Arts : Musée Carnavalet
Référence Client EDITAG Arts : Louvre-Lens
Référence Client EDITAG Arts : Albertina
Référence Client EDITAG Arts : Domaine de Chantilly