Electronic Protection for works of art

Arts. Connected.

Protect works against theft & vandalism 24H/7.

The EDITAG Arts solution is notably composed of the first IoT sensor specially designed for works of art: the mOOnTAG.

It rocks :
- RFID inventory,
- Supervision of storage conditions,
- 24Hx7 security,
- Monitoring of transport and loans.
- Real-time management of the cultural property safeguard plan (digital PSBC).

A unique investment in a simple product for multiple uses.


Our all-in-one IoT solution: identification, security, conservation.

We have created an all-in-one solution to meet all of the needs of a cultural establishment on reserve, for exhibitions, during transport and loans. Discover the first all-in-one IoT sensor, specially designed for works of art: the mOOnTAG.

mOOnTAG, capteur IoT tout-en-un pour la protection rapprochée des oeuvres, la conservation préventive, l'inventaire RFID, la sauvegarde des biens culturels.                          

Contactless identification 

Identifies works of art without contact with RFID technology.

24x7 Security

Secures works of art with shocks detection sensors.


Supervises conditions during transport and loan.


Preserves the collections with temperature and humidity sensors.


Up to 3 years of battery life depending of use.

Other electronic protection sensors :

mBUZZER détecte les chocs, les mouvements, les vibrations.


The mBUZZER is the very first level of protection. Thanks to its adjustment buttons and its internal buzzer, it can operate autonomously or be integrated into an architecture with remote alarm propagation.

mOOnTAG-V détecte les chocs, les mouvements, les vibrations, les variations de température et d'humidité relative. Peut être raccordé à d'autres types de détecteur comme l'ouverture/bris de vitre


Specially designed for Close Protection of display cases, the mOOnTAG-V can be hidden in the technical compartments. It can also be connected to other detectors such as window openings or broken windows.

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Référence Client EDITAG Arts : Musée Kumu
Référence Client EDITAG Arts : Musée Carnavalet
Référence Client EDITAG Arts : Louvre-Lens
Référence Client EDITAG Arts : Albertina
Référence Client EDITAG Arts : Domaine de Chantilly

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